For stockists, I offer a wholesale price of 50% off on 25 or more bow ties. For enamel pin or sticker orders the discount will depend on a variety of factors, so please contact me to discuss prices for these.


For bow ties please allow a minimum of 8 weeks, as I have to send my design off to the printers and then wait to receive the fabric, before hand making the bow ties and packaging them up.

 I am a sole trader and I hand make all my bow ties from start to finish, so the larger the quantity you need, the longer it will take to complete.

Enamel pins take a minimum of 1-2 months, as this includes production time, time for me to check for faults and package up the pins, and it also allows time for additional production time if required.

Stickers take a minimum of a month. This includes production time, and time for me to check for faults and package up the stickers.

As with bow ties, larger orders of pins and stickers will take longer to complete as I am a sole trader.


Minimum / Maximum Order Quantity
There is a minimum order quantity of 25 bow ties to access the wholesale discount. There is no maximum quantity. However, as stated above, I am a sole trader, so the larger the quantity you need, the longer it will take to complete.


How to Order
To discuss a wholesale order, contact me. In your initial message please give me as much information as possible to make the process smoother and quicker.

For example:

- Which products do you need? Which design(s)? How many of each?

- When do you need the order by? (if applicable)

- Which country do you need the order delivered to?

- What is your shop name and address?

Please note your order must either be delivered to your shop, or if that’s not possible you must provide proof that it’s your business. This is to ensure that only stockists have access to these discounts.


What Else Is Included?
All bow ties will come with a card brand label attached, which I request stays on the product. These cards are blank on the back to allow space for the price. All stickers will have a sticker on the back with my logo, and all pins will come on standard backing cards, unless otherwise discussed.

I am also able to offer the bow ties in individual boxes for an additional price if preferred.

In addition, I will promote you as a stockist through my website and social media.

All stockists are able to request exclusivity for their local area (town / borough / district), sometimes for a small additional charge.  The details of this will be discussed. If you’re an online only shop, I may be able to offer a degree of exclusivity, but this will need to be discussed.


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