The dates

  • UK (2nd Class): 8th December
  • UK (1st Class): 13th December
  • International: 17th November
More info
These dates might seem early, but they’re based on previous years experience plus allowing for potential delays due to Covid/Brexit.

These are the absolute latest dates I would recommend ordering if you want your order to arrive in time to gift on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!

The sooner you order, the more sure you can be that it will arrive in time, so I’d recommend ordering before these dates if possible.

You can of course order after these dates (up until I close the shop for the holidays) but it will be less likely to arrive in time the later you order!

Also, you can order straight to the recipient! This is particularly helpful if you’re ordering late or you won’t see them for the holidays. Just put their address as the delivery address, and make sure to include a note that I can include with the parcel to let them know who it’s from!

If you have any questions let me know.
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