Will I be charged shipping on my gift card purchase?
If your basket only contains gift card(s), then you will not need to pay postage as these are sent to you via email.
If your basket contains other products, you will be charged shipping for those items.

How is my gift card sent to me? Can I have a physical one?
All gift cards are sent automatically via email. I do not offer physical gift cards. If you're wanting to gift your gift card, you can print it and include it in greeting card!

I've ordered a present / card from your shop to be sent directly to the recipient, and I want to include a gift card!
Let me know in the "order notes" section of the cart page, and then forward me your gift card email ASAP! I will then print it off and include it in the parcel / envelope.

Can I use more than one gift card?

Yes! Just apply all the codes at checkout.

What happens if I don't use the full balance of my gift card?
The amount you've spent will be deducted from your gift card and you will still be able to use the remaining balance. To check the balance, just use the "view gift card" button on your original gift card email.

Does it cover shipping?
Yes! The gift card acts like any other payment method, so it covers both the shipping and item(s).

Will I be asked for my card details if I use a gift card?
No, the checkout will not ask for your payment details, as long as the gift card covers the entire cost of your order.

What if my gift card doesn't cover the full balance?
You will be prompted to enter your payment details to pay for the remaining balance.

Can I use a discount code alongside a gift card?
Yes! Just enter the code(s) for your gift card(s) and the discount code at checkout. Please note that as with any order, only one discount can be applied to your basket.

How long is my gift card valid for? When does it expire?
All gift cards are valid for 12 months. Your gift card email will tell you the exact expiry date!

I've lost the original email so I can't check the expiry date / code / balance of my card!

Just contact me and I should be able to find it for you! If you know the name it was ordered under / the email address it was ordered with / the date it was ordered / the code, that will help me find it quicker.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me!

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