Hi! I'm Charley, and Studio Chuffed is my online business, which I run from my home in the UK, where I live with my partner, Jonathan, and my cats, Arkouda and Anduin!

It started on the 2nd September 2016, when I decided to move my bow ties to their own shop. (They had previously lived on my previous & first shop, Pixie Bluebell).

Through this business I sell a variety of gifts and accessories, including bow ties, enamel pins, stickers, patches, greetings cards, jewellery, and button badges. I design all of my products, including the fabric I use for my bow ties! I also hand make all the bow ties, cards, button badges, and jewellery.

The name "Studio Chuffed" is a play on words - "Chuffed" is British slang, meaning "very pleased". However, "Chuff" is also a reference to my first cat, who ended up being called "Chuffchuff" since I couldn't pronounce "Mischief" (his first name) when I was little!

What's the story behind why you run a business?

My first business, Pixie Bluebell, actually started life as a school project in high school! When I was 15 I had to do a project for school, and I really liked Etsy at the time, so I decided to start selling handmade hair bows on my first shop, Pixie Bluebell!

Over the course of the project it did surprisingly well, and I finished with the top grade in the subject. The project showed me how much I loved the whole design process, and seeing other people wearing my products made my day!

I carried on with Pixie Bluebell for a few years, selling a variety of new products including bow ties. The bow ties did well almost immediately, and I saw the potential for a new business to home my ever-growing range, and thus Studio Chuffed was opened! I juggled sixth form college and my businesses for a year, and over that period Studio Chuffed continued to grow. I loved the job so much that when I finished college I took the plunge and went full time!

It’s honestly my dream job and whilst it can be stressful, the process of designing fabrics and turning them into bow ties, or designing pins, stickers, and more, and seeing them as physical products, is a big part of what makes it fun! I also really enjoy the interaction with customers (we have a lovely community on Instagram in particular), and I still get a kick out of hearing lovely feedback and seeing my products out in the world! 

Who works at Studio Chuffed?

I’m a sole trader, so it’s mainly just me! I do all the designing, customer service, making, packaging, etc.

My partner Jonathan drops off my parcels at the post office most days, as well as giving me feedback on my designs and writing.

And then there’s my cats. I wouldn’t say they work here, but they give me more work to do if that counts!  

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