Hopes for 2020

Hello, and welcome to my blog! I thought I’d start my new blog with a post about the future - it seemed fitting!

I want to view 2020 as a new beginning, a chance to do the things I’ve wanted to do with Studio Chuffed since I opened but not really had the chance or energy to. However I want to do this year right - I have a lot of stressful and exciting times coming up, and I've had a horrible tendency to overwork and burn myself out! So 2020 is a fresh start to get a lot right, including looking after my mental health.


My main goals for the year:

  • Run a blog – well I’m off to a good start! I love writing, and I’d like to do posts about a variety of topics. There’ll obviously be posts relating to the business side of things, such as product launches, etc., but I also want to do posts about LGBTQIA+ topics, mental health, and life in general! I also want to share products by my friends with you all, grouped into themes and events. I don’t really have a set schedule in mind, as my workload varies drastically week to week, but when it’s quiet or there’s a topic on my mind, I’ll try write about it!
  • Start a newsletter – with Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm, it’s hard to see the posts you actually want to see. My hope with a newsletter is to use it to announce new products and sales straight to your inbox so it’s not lost in the social media sea, and to also do a little monthly round-up. I’ve never done a newsletter before, but if you want to sign up to receive it, click here!
  • Run stalls – I’ve got really bad anxiety, so I’ve avoided stalls for a while, but I enjoyed the ones I ran at my college every year in the early days of my business! I’m hoping to attend a variety of local markets and maybe even a comic con or two with Studio Chuffed to meet some of you IRL and to help my anxiety.
  • Launch lots of new products - I already have a ton of new bow ties in the works, including new pride flags as well as plenty of non-pride designs. However I also really want to focus on expanding my overall product range this year. First up will be a new range of 19 button badges, and 10 new sticker designs!

As I mentioned, there are stressful and exciting times coming up, and the biggest one is we're in the process of buying a house! If all goes according to plan we'll be moving in June, Pride Month. Juggling the two will be hard to I'll be aiming to get everything in place over the next few months so it goes as smoothly as possible!

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